Dress Code

What To Wear?

We want everyone to relax and not feel too formal at our wedding.

After all, we are two laid-back people who enjoy letting our hair down, having a good dance and we understand that can’t be done when you’re overdressed.

Male Dress Code

Semi-Formal Suit

Female Dress Code

Long Spring Dress

Isla de Rosario

Things To Do

Food & Drink

Tayrona Park

What Is It?

An unspoiled national park that’s still inhabited by indigenous tribes.

The 1.5hr hike through a jungle path will take you back to nature and you’ll be greeted by a collection of unspoiled beaches.

Getting There

The park is open between 8am – 5pm and you should make a reservation in advance due to limited capacity.

Entrance of the park about a 45min taxi ride from Santa Marta (west) and Palomino (east). 

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