Welcome to Colombia

Thank you so much for booking your flights! You’re going to have a brilliant time at our wedding, exploring the mountains in the centre, the beaches of the Caribbean and getting absorbed in a wonderful culture.

On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know such as your itinerary, things to do, places to eat, money & medical advice and entry requirements.

Things To Do

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Lost City Trek
Isla de Rosario
Tayrona Park
Villa de Leyva

Family Itinerary

Friends Itinerary

Money Advice

Bank Cards Without Fees

Santander Zero
Halifax Clarity Card
Monzo Bank
Starling Bank

ATMs Without Fees

(decline conversion rates offered by ATMs)


Pay in COP for card transactions.
Always ask for the prices before ordering.
Don't feel obliged to tip.

Medical & Legal


Insurance for altitudes of up to 2,600m (Bogota).
Compare Multi-Trip & Single Trip Prices


Covid or PCR Test (required)
Yellow Fever Shot (recommended)
Other Vaccinations

Entry To Colombia

Entry Form
(24hr before departure)
Entry Requirements

Things to Bring


Adaptor Plugs
Unlocked Phone
Battery Pack


Mosquito Repellent
Sun Cream
(Expensive in Colombia)

For Fred & Lina

Chocolate Digestives

Lost City Trek

What Is It?

What Machu Picchu is to Peru, the Lost City is to Colombia.

It’s a 4 day trek through the jungles of the Sierra Nevada to the ancient and abandoned Lost City or ‘Ciudad Perdida’ of the Tayrona civilization.

Getting There

You’ll need to book the trek through an approved tour operator that are based in Santa Marta. Expect to pay between £200-300 depending on the operator.

More Information

Isla de Rosario

Things To Do

Food & Drink

Tayrona Park

What Is It?

An unspoiled national park that’s still inhabited by indigenous tribes.

The 1.5hr hike through a jungle path will take you back to nature and you’ll be greeted by a collection of unspoiled beaches.

Getting There

The park is open between 8am – 5pm and you should make a reservation in advance due to limited capacity.

Entrance of the park about a 45min taxi ride from Santa Marta (west) and Palomino (east). 

More Information

Palomino Beach

Things To Do

Food & Drink